JL Hackro Rack

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JL Hackro Rack provides 4 independent mappable macros that work similarly to Ableton's except each macro features a curve editor to define each ones behavior as well as a master dial to cycle through all 4 macros paths with the turn of a single knob.

You can map it to any parameter, adjust the minimum and maximum range, un-map it and control it with hardware. You decide how the macro works and changes things as it turns from left to right. You can go beyond what the macros in live currently offer in order to perform more expressively, improve your automations workflow or just have fun seeing what it feels like to cycle through complex parameter changes with the flick of a wrist.

I've included comments to try and make things as clear as possible for anyone who wishes to use or understand how things are working

This is the next variation of the JL Curve Function Macro in my series of tutorials which aims at helping to establish a connection between Max and Live so that you can focus on testing your creative ideas in Live without getting caught up in a major Max detour.

- Master dial used to cycle through all four parameters simultaneously with a single turn

- Four independent user-controlled macros capable of automations in Live

- Minimum and maximum transformations on the range of the parameter by % much like how the mapping system works within Ableton macros

- Un-map button for easy un-mapping

- This patch will know not to map to itself to prevent errors as well as immediately snap parameters when mapped to them

- Displays selected parameter

- MIDI effect variant included. They both work exactly the same but allows you to put the rack before an instrument in Live rather than after like an audio effect

- Snaps parameter to new value when function is edited

-Multipoint curve editor for macro behavior

Watch the video for further exploration: https://youtu.be/ZTURi0TLb18

Patreon: https://www.patreon.com/jacklion?fan_landing=true is where I also will be elaborating on this concept further yet again

UPDATE V1.2.1: Updated so that all macros as well as min and max parameters for each macro are available in Live's clip modulation destinations

UPDATE V1.3.1: Fixed a bug where the mapping would break when the device is moved in a Live set. Now the parameter id will be remembered by the device wherever it is moved

UPDATE V1.4.1: Fixed a bug where the when mapping the dials to a macro in a Live rack, the parameter would only make 0. or 1. available. Now modulation modes are bipolar instead of absolute

This device works in Live 9, 10 or 11, Standard (with Max For Live) or Suite.

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1 Max device containing the most recent version of the JL Hackro Rack

Saves in a Live set
All parameters snap and map as expected
Four macros that go beyond Lives capailites
Master dial to cotrol all four parameters
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JL Hackro Rack

2 ratings
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